High Protein Diets : A Promising Diet Ideal for Building Muscle and Weight Loss

High protein diets is a close cousin of the low carb diet, which is centered on many protein packed foods that leave you satiated and satisfied. high protein dietsHigh protein diet have shown in some clinical studies to take off fat and excess pounds while could managing blood lipid levels and controlling hunger when used in a good combination with exercise. When you want to use this type of diet you have to choose your protein intake wisely, some good choice are fish, low fat dairy product, pork, skinless chicken and lean beef.

You might need to choose carbs which are rich in fiber such as nutrient dense vegetables, fruit and whole grains. However, it is always be a good option to consult with your doctor when you want to start a weight loss program, especially if you have diabetes, kidney disease or other chronic health problems. Research does show a good result that diets in high protein with regular exercise and moderate carbohydrate could effectively take off weight and moderate appetite.